Omitola Hill (known as Omi) spent his formative years singing with the Boys Choir of Harlem as well as mastering the art of capoeira, with unwavering commitment. Throughout the years, he has approached both art-forms with energy, respect and discipline.

Omi is presently studying, performing and teaching the Afro-Brazilian art-form of Capoeira. Omi started training capoeira at the age of five; and over twenty years later, he still maintains the same drive and passion for the multi-layered art-form. Fluent in the language (Portuguese), expert in the movement, singing and musical instrumentation, Omi is passionate about teaching and passing on the traditions and philosophies of Capoeira.

Omi graduated to the Contra-Mestre level in 2012 (with the group Capoeira Angola Quintal) and founded his own group, ilê de palmares, along with Professor Caimãn (Shem Rajoon) in 2013. Throughout the years Omi has studied with capoeira masters from Brazil, United States and Europe. Omi has traveled throughout the United States, Brazil, Japan, Israel, China, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico and Europe, conducting capoeira workshops for children and adults.

Years of


Contra-Mestre Omi has over 20 years of experience empowering both youth and adults through Capoeira.