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ilê de palmares

Magic Has A Formula

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Capoeira.

ilê de palmares is led by Contra Mestre Omi in New York City. Previously training under the guidance of Mestre Ombrinho (Capoeira Angola Quintal) and Mestre Nô (Capoeira Angola Palmares) for almost to two decades CM Omi felt the need to create a linage of their own that expressed the mental, physical and spiritual freedom they’ve gained as practitioners of the Capoeira.

ilê de palmares (e·lay / g / pal·mar·es) means “house of the palmares”. The word “ilê” (e·lay) is a Yoruba word, meaning “house” or a sacred place that embodies community and camaraderie. The word “palmares” has several connotations in Brazil, the definition our group associates closest with comes from “Quilombos Dos Palmares,” the longest slave resistance community of escaped slaves in Brazil during 1605 to 1695.

Our Teachers

Together they are sharing their love and passion for the art form at home throughout New York City and around the world.


Contra-Mestre Omi is leading ilê de palmares under the guidance and support of his Mestres.

Mestre No – Grand Mestre

Mestre Larazo – Mestre

Mestre Ombrinho – Mestre